Some people may be stronger and fitter than you, but there's no excuse for anyone working harder than you!!

So what is Spartans Fitness?


Based in Coalville Leicestershire, the best way to describe it is "the most exhilarating form of self abuse you can inflict upon your body". quite simply you will come away from each Spartans session totally exhausted, aching all over and within an inch of being sick.......

But do you know what?? YOU'LL LOVE THAT FEELING!!


Strength, speed, stamina, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, power, cardiovascular endurance, agility and accuracy are the 10 physical skills around which we design our strength and conditioning workouts (Crusades). We believe that any short fall in these skills could mean a deterioration of health or wellness.


Who knows what life will throw at you? At Spartans Fitness we believe in exercising and preparing your body for everyday life and everyday scenarios.


We use functional movements, challenging you to your own level of intensity while keeping it varied. It is the mix of functional movement, variation and intensity that delivers quick, visual, tangible results. We don’t leave out any facet of physical fitness as we believe all are just as important.


That sound scary, I’m no where near fit enough!


WRONG!! Spartans fitness is for any fitness level the question is are you mentally strong enough to start? Spartans fitness really is for anyone from the couch potato to the ultra fit, both will crawl out of each session as it is you, as an individual that will be pushed to your limit each session, and we do mean pushed, for example the word's "I can't" are banned in our gym, "I'll try" is an excepted substitute with the preferred "I did" being the outcome.


Spartans fitness is no place for quitters only stayers, the unique group dynamic and close camaraderie of the other participants

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Spartan Fitness is part of the Stealth Black Belt Academy group

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